School Timing

Summer Winter
April to 31st October- Monday to Saturday: 8.00am to 2.00pm 2nd November to 31st March- As per Government Order
Last working day: 8.00 am to 12.00 pm Last working day: 8.30 am to 1.00 Pm

Office Hours: The office hours are from 9.00 am to 3.00pm on every working day. The school office will remain closed on second Saturday and holidays.

School Uniform

Before purchasing school uniform please consult school office regarding colour, quality and kind of uniform. It is compulsory for every kid to hang I-card. Kids without I-card will not be allowed to sit either in bus or class.

House System

The School is divided into four houses. Each house is under the charge of house master/mistress and has its own prefects and house captain (Boys/Girls) who are resposible for the tone of discipline in that house. The champions cup is awarded to the best performing house in all peripheries every year. After admission, parents please conform the house of your word.


  1. Ever Green House - The color of Ever Green House is Green.

  2. Wisdom Red House - The color of Wisdom Red House is Red.

  3. Strenght Blue House - The color of Strength Blue House is Blue.

  4. Glory Yellow House - The color of Glory Yellow House is Yellow.

Sports & Game

To encourage healthy competition, character buliding and increase stamina. Inter-class and inter house competitions are held in all available games for senior and Junior boy and girls each year.Games form and integral and vital in part of the school curriculum. School Provides facilities for specialized coaching in various games.

Transpost Rules

1) The transport service is not mandatory but only an extra facility provided by the school.Transport facility is provided for the whole session. Request for seeking or discountinuation of the same in mid of session shall not be grated.

2) Transport facility has to be applied from the beginning of the session at the time of admission in the running session. Any request for transport facility at any time durin the running session will not be entertained.

3) Routes of the school buses are drawn up carefully after giving due consideration to the convenience of the parents. The decision of the school authorities about routing, timing, pick-up point, etc. will be final.

4) The students availing transport facility must reach the designated bus stoppage at least five minutes before the scheduled time.

5) Students are not allowed to eat in the school bus.

6) The student will be handed over at the drop stoppage only to the designed person with a valid Escort Pass issued bye the school.

7) Any change in the residential address should be informed to the school in the application format given in the Student Dairy.

8) Students are expected to maintain proper discipline in the bus. They should remain seated in the moving bus and be careful not to put their hands or hands outside the window.

9) Students should be careful not to board or get down form the moving bus.

School Trips

The school arranges education and recreational trips as per schedule.For senior classes these trips require night stay outside Kurukshetra. The parrents are required to send their consent for allowing their children to go on trips in writing.

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