Note to Parents

1) Parents must provide their wards all the required books and note-books from first day of the school.

2) Do not detain your children at home for petty reasons. A school day lost is lost forever.

3) Parents are not permitted to visit the class directly not to interview the teachers.

4) See that your children keep all the books, copies, pencile,pen etc, in their bags.

5) No students will be allowed to leave the school before school hours.

6) Success of your children in examination depends on the combined afforts of the parents and the teachers.

7) Parents can visit Principal in every working day between 10.00am to 1.00pm.

8) The school will responsible for any kind of loss during the school hours.

9) Address all your requests, complaints or suggestions to the principal.

9) School fees will not be refunded after 15 April.

Note: Parents are advised not to send their wards with valuable items to school. Parents are requested to come to school for suggestions or complaints.

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